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Orange Dream Japanese Maple Tree

Orange Dream Japanese Maple Tree

Price: $64.00

Best Price: $37.99

For a tree with stunning foliage, look no further than this striking Japanese maple. This beautiful tree”s classic fiery leaves change color to yellow through light green in mid-June. This tree is the perfect centerpiece to any landscape.Note: This item will ship in accordance to your location”s hardiness zone. Please refer to the alternate image to determine your region”s shipping date.

  • Includes one 2″ to 3″ tree in 1-gallon pot
  • Grows up to 10″ H; 5″ to 8″ spread
  • Perennial
  • Full to partial sun
  • Hardiness zones: 4 to 8
  • 1-year warranty
  • Grown in the USA

Orange Dream Japanese Maple Tree Details:

Color As Details
Design Seedling & Sprout
Brands: Seedling & Sprout.