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Hera Products Prodigy Digital Rubberized Interchangable Titanium Curling Wand - Teal

Hera Products Prodigy Digital Rubberized Interchangable Titanium Curling Wand – Teal

Reg Price: $350.00

Deals Price: $79.97, 77% Off

JOYA MIA Prodigy 3 comes with an easy to use handle and three high performance, lightweight, interchangeable titanium barrels in the most frequently used sizes: 19mm, 25mm and 32mm. The titanium construction allows for the penetration of infrared heat technology and negative ion disbursement deep into the hair cuticle, allowing locks to gleam with six times the shine of ordinary, metal tools. The innovative design of the modern display features built-in LCD display, letting you know when your wand is at its maximum temperature of 430F. Additional features include slip-free grip, a soft-touch finish, and a digital temperature display.
– Color: Teal
– High & Consistent Heat
– Quickly heats up to 430f/220C
– Professional salon grade
– Dual voltage
– 360 swivel cord
– 12.75” L x 1.5” D
– 6.5 ft. cord length
– For directions, see “Additional Info”
– Imported
Set includes:
– 19mm Interchangeable barrel
– 25mm Interchangeable barrel
– 32mm Interchangeable barrel
– Heat resistant glove
Titanium barrel, fiber/cotton glove

Additional Info

More Information
Directions: Never use this appliance near water. This appliance is intended for household use only. To use this appliance, you must plug it into an electrical outlet. Always observe all stated safety instructions (but not limited to those stated herein), especially if children are present. Failure to follow safety precautions can result in physical harm and even death in extreme cases. After the appliance has been plugged into an electrical outlet, switch the appliance to the ON position. A red light indicating the appliance is ON will illuminate if it is properly powered. If the appliance has a temperature nob or buttons, the desired temperature can be set. NEVER touch the plates, as they are very hot and can cause major burns. Insert hair between the plates and press the appliance to close. Apply even pressure for best results. Slide the appliance from the roots to the end of the hair, while continuing to keep even pressure. Repeat process as desired. When finished, turn OFF the appliance and unplug from the electrical outlet. The appliance will be hot for a number of minutes, so allow plenty of time to cool before storing. Always store the appliance in a dry and safe place. Keep out of the reach of children.

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